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FCA licenses for sale

FROM:Valor | 2018-09-03 05:09:09


FCA licenses for sale

FCA licenses for sale

A 125k firm very clean, sold for personal reasons,balance sheet value approx 250k,. No outstanding issues, has normal banking relationships and is licensed to hold client money.


A 730k firm, Clean, has 1.7mn in assets, offices in UK and Central Europe, existing PB relationships, and numerous settlement bank accounts. Has high overheads which are easily reduced, but fantastic licence as also has the asset manager licence in with the standard CFD/FX and equities licence. It is aurthorised to manage Professional client funds, give discretionary advice etc, run copy trading programes etc, actual permissions are Licence is from the FCA held in the regulated entity. Currently has approx. 3mn of client funds. 2 large IBs. It has full back office and all the necessary IT to meet the requirements under the new legislation, just had an FCA inspection and passed with flying colours.


A 730k firm offices in central Europe (regulated) regulated in UK 730k, makes in excess of 4mn per annum, has over 2000 active clients, 9mn in client money, 9mn in own cash, plus other assets.


A 125k Firm has 2mn in assets, but it has some issues with the owner and is being sold by court order, so may be able to negotiate on the price, the company itself is clean.


A 125k firm has 200k in assets, but not greatest of names, but can be rebranded.


A 50k firm very clean has 300k in cash.


A 730k firm, but has issues with the owner who is a nightmare to deal with has everything in it, back office, etc.